Yellow chevron print bib and teething ring set.




  • Made with a 100% cotton front (which, in itself, is naturally soft and absorbent) and cleverly backed with luxuriously soft 'Minky' polyester fabric.

    Minky fabric is like fleece – but far softer and thicker. It has a comforting feel that children and babies just love to touch. It is quick-drying, highly absorbent, and strong. And unlike true mink, 'Minky' fabric is completely vegan.

    Each bib has two poppers for ease of fitting and size adjustment.

    The teething ring is made from eco-friendly maple wood, and is wrapped with matching 100% cotton, and backed with 100% Minky polyester fabric.

    The material encloses “crinkle” material which will enchant your baby over time as he or she develops their teeth.

    All our teethers are circular, making them easy for your baby to grip.